Get Involved!

L'Arche Avalon relies on the generous involvement of people like you!

Interested in getting involved with us?

Here are a few ideas:
1. Participate in an event and activity. We announce each one on our Facebook Page, and/or you may sign-up for the emails to learn dates and what is up.
2. Become a member and support our cause.
3. Join one of our committees:
   * Outreach and Education Committee: Outreach in various      ways to like-minded communities and individuals, lay the  ground-work for networking, give presentations, create  educational material, and more.
   * Community Building Committee: Encourages our community  togetherness by organizing Gatherings, Town Halls, or Special  Meetings, as well as our Saturday programs, and fostering  connections amongst our members.
   * L'Arche Liaison Committee: Connect and partner with other  L'Arche communities in Canada and around the world.
   * Fundraising Committee: Raise money to help fund and  support our work as we move forward in our efforts to open  the first L'Arche home in Newfoundland and Labrador.
   * Finance Committee
4. Share a special gift or talent by volunteering to help out at our monthly jam circles, walks and gatherings.
5. Drop off your recyclable beverage containers at the Green Depot to the L'Arche Avalon account: # 3680624
6. Donate to support L'Arche initiatives and activities.
7. "Like" our Facebook Page and "share" us with your friends and family.