Our History


It all started when...

- In 2011, two people met privately to share their wish to establish a L'Arche home in Newfoundland and Labrador. This meeting resulted in reaching out to other people and organizing monthly informal meetings to educate themselves about L'Arche.

- In 2012 we adopted the name Cornerstone Housing Society and started with monthly social gatherings. The organization was formally founded in the same year, incorporated with the provincial government of Newfoundland and Labrador, and ratified our by-laws.

- We became a charitable organization, which was granted by Revenue Canada, in December of 2013.

- Our first AGM (Annual General Meeting), and our election of the Board of Directors, occurred in 2014.

- Our first annual flea-market, for fundraising efforts, occurred in 2014.

- April of 2015 saw the beginning of work within a variety of committees, which were established to help grow the organization and reaching out to the community.

- We have continued to provide such efforts, along with monthly gatherings, and workshops with representatives from L'Arche Atlantic. We hosted visitors from L'Arche communities in Nova Scotia. We have introduced ourselves and presented about Cornerstone Housing Society and L'Arche to various local like-minded organizations.

- Early in 2016 we started monthly activities mainly aimed at our Core Members: we have our Walks together on every second Saturday of the month, as well as Jam Circles on the last Saturday of every month.

- In November 2016 L'Arche Canada gave us the status of a L'Arche Project - a huge step on the path to become L'Arche in Newfoundland and Labrador and establishing our first L'Arche home.

- Early in 2017 the community decided on our new name - and we are now officially L'Arche Avalon.